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Cyber Security is achieved through the holistic management of people, technology and process. We like to challenge some of the traditional security views that people are the weakest link or that Cloud and mobile technology aren’t trustworthy. We would also challenge the perception that cyber knowledge is something available only to state actors, cyber criminals and terrorists. The truth is that modern, well designed and properly managed technology, people and processes can be made highly resilient to attack.

Our Approach

People – The prevailing wisdom is that “people are the weakest link”. The truth is that most people are trusting, honest and hard working. Whilst it is true that these characteristics can be used against your users – they shouldn’t be condemned as stupid – people are generally trying to get the job done. Your security posture should help users to get the job done, not hinder them and make life more complicated. When security gets in the way, people find work arounds and use ‘shadow IT’.

Technology – We believe that the best of modern technology, designed and managed properly can be made highly resilient to cyber attack. Fear of using modern technology leads reliance on outdated and vulnerable legacy systems which are much more susceptible to attack. It also leads to users finding work arounds or more efficient ways of working. We believe that you can be more secure – and more efficient – with properly designed and managed modern technology. Is fear of Cloud and mobile technology holding your business back?

Process – The truth is that all human activity carries risk and that one day something may go wrong. You need the processes in place to detect, respond and recover should an incident occur. It is impossible to eliminate all risks – however, it is possible to be well prepared and resilient.